Build for Change

Aug 20, 2014
2 minutes read

Change is how we evolve and how we improve. Change is how we learn and how we adapt.

Change is our biggest strength, our strongest weapon and most loyal ally.

Ignoring and mismanaging change is our biggest weakness. Without guidance it will erode our bones, weaken our muscles and crush our will.

Only a team that embraces change can use it’s full potential. Intense focus, an aversion to distractions and the never ending will to take the next step are what let’s you drive change and not be driven by it.

Make sure everyone in your Team pushes for the Next, the Unknown, the Uncharted.

So build your Team for change.

A team ready for change with a process built for stagnation is a sad waste of time. It strengthens your inertia and silences the voices calling for the future. Those voices will be heard, but it won’t be you benefitting from their insights.

So build your Process for change

Once you have a team fighting for change, a process that embraces it you can build technology to support it. A technology where change is not just a goal, but inherently built in. Where every part gets replaced constantly, so the sum of them is here to stay. Here to fulfill the needs of those we serve and delight with our products.

So build your Technology for change

Build for change because it is inevitable. Build for change as it is coming and you need to be prepared. Make change your ally, before it becomes your enemy.

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