Get up and do it, or why you should ride the pink plastic pony

Feb 23, 2017
2 minutes read

My parents grew up in a small town in lower Austria, Herzogenburg. For the last 40 years there is a children’s festival in the town that is now visited by more than 20000 people on the last 2 weekends of August.

I naturally was there every year of my childhood. One of the most fun things to do there were the daily arena games where teams of children and parents were playing together or against each other in various competitions. This arena competition was where I learned one of my most fundamental life lesson from my father.

Those competitions regularly included riding a pink, or otherwise colored, plastic pony down the arena or other such things that are not a particularly big deal as a child, but rather inconvenient and funny looking as an adult. Whenever adults were needed to partake many didn’t want to or had to be forced by their children and the presenter, the local priest.

My dad on the other hand took part often, not just because it was fun, but also to keep the games going and keep the energy up.

This influenced me a lot and is a constant thought throughout my life. Life presents us with many options and opportunities. Some of them we take, some of them we don’t. But not taking some opportunities could not just mean a lost experience for us, but could keep the show from going on and stopping all of us in our tracks.

So ride the pink plastic pony, not just for your own sake, but for everyone’s. And you might as well find that you enjoy the ride.

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