My experience over the last years has been in helping teams build out their internal development processes, automation and infrastructure. Thats where I can help make a difference. If you want to propose working together reach out to me and we’ll chat about what you’re trying to achieve and how I can help there.

Specific topics:

Optimising internal development processes

In case you want to optimise your CI/CD, testing, general automation or even how your engineering team works together with your product team, thats where I can help.

Depending on the size of the team and needs that can range from working with the tech management to help overhaul their dev team structure, work with the engineers directly to see where to optimise internal processes or do workshops on different techniques.

Basically if you feel like your development processes or the way product and engineering are working together aren’t optimal let me know and we can find a way to make it better.

Infrastructure and Automation

I consult on how you can build your Infrastructure (primarily on AWS) so it first of all runs efficiently and within your cost range, but also allows for fast iterations.

From a tech perspective this comes often down to Serverless infrastructure, using as many AWS services as possible and making sure the CI/CD pipelines and tooling of the team are properly set up and the processes are well understood and implemented.